We use our Sodastream machine almost daily, we use it with official sodas, such as Pepsi, Dr Pete (Dr Pepper clone), 7 up, as well as with off the shelf drinks such as vimto, orange juice, mango and orange, ribena and basically any other water down juice drinks sold at the supermarket.

We use the gas saver plan to get upto 12 gas bottles each year delivered to the house. We also swap cylinders at Asda.

Using Sodastream saves us from adding to the ever growing plastic mountains, as well as working out about half the cost of buying pepsi/cocacola from the supermarkets, using juice makes it even cheaper and the kids can’t tell the difference between fanta and tesco orange cordial and sodastream water.

We even tried using sparkling spring water, but it just isn’t fizzy enough to work with the cordial/syrups, so a sodastream is definately the way to go and they normally have offers where you can get a machine and bottles for under £50, or a newer machine, bottles and sample syrups for £100, which is what we bought, along with the 12 month, 12 gas bottle package.

If you don’t drink at least 1 litre of soda per day in your house, you may find it cheaper to just swap your cylinders at retailers or as and when you run out, although a backup cylinder is also a must if you plan on doing this.